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Class of 2017

Interview with Undertaker George McCoy 

One of the sayings was that the company brought you into the world with the company Dr. (Dr. Perry) and took you out of the world with the company undertaker (George McCoy)

Also an article about the Clubs and Organizations of Jenkins

Interview with Bad John Wright

Interview with Dr. T.M. Perry

Odds and Ends


Welcome to the Jenkins High Classes Of 1912 - 2019 web site. Please join us for a no cost way to keep in touch with other alumni from the Jenkins Independent School System.

YOU DID NOT HAVE TO GRADUATE FROM JHS TO BE LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE. YOU JUST HAD TO  HAVE ATTENDED SCHOOL AS A CAVALIER. We understand that many of you, especialy during the 30's, 40's, and 50's had to leave school to help support their families or to join the military.  If you are in this catagory, or for any reason you did not get to graduate, just list on your request to be added to the site the year that you would have graduated.  You can offer any other information on your profile page that you wish to share.


Thanks to the Brush Family and the Greer Family for seeing this to completion.





Link to the Jenkins Independent School System Website

The Jenkins Education Foundation

The Jenkins Education Foundation is asking for your help. Since being established to help enhance the experiences of the students of the Jenkins Independent School System, the Foundation has been able to
help provide playground equipment for the Burdine  Elementary building, and fund needed repairs and updates to the sports fields.
The Foundation is incorporated as a non-profit and has taken ownership of the football and baseball field from the Athletic Field Commission, which is no longer in existence.
The Foundation officers are the present elected school board members of the Jenkins Independent Schools and hold their meetings after the regular school board meetings on the fourth Monday of the month. The present members are : Paulette Sexton, Chair, Sarah Brown,Vice Chair, Eileen Sanders, Brenda DePriest and Chris Bentley, 
If you would be interested in helping the Foundation please make your contributions to:
The Jenkins Education Foundation
C/O Sarah Brown, Treasurer
Jenkins Independent Schools
P.O. Box 74
Jenkins, KY 41537
Pike Mine #26
This item was taken from Coal Age, July 1967. Output coal at Pike Mine #26. In 1967 this was the latest mine that Beth-Elkhorn had opened. Mine 26 was carved out of steep Kentucky hills. This is a mine to be proud of and Beth-Elkhorn has reason to be proud as this new mine features the latest mining and preparation equipment available. Haulage is by shuttle car, belt and underground rail. Powerful shuttle cars carry the coal from the face of the conveyor that carry it to the underground loading points. At these loading points 30?ton cars pulled by 60?ton locomotives, that are probably the largest in any coal mine, automatically load for the trip to the nearby preparation plant. More than three years of planning has gone into Pike Mine #26. The mine was developed from a valley at the base of Pine Mountain which is about midway between Jenkins and Elkhorn City. It will have access to larger reserves of lower Elkhorn and Elkhorn #2 coal and as a result the Beth-Elkhorn Corporation will be assured of about 50 years production of high grade coal. To make the valley beautiful 22 acres sites were created in the isolated valley chosen. To fill in the valley bottom Beth-Elkhorn moved one and ½ million cubic yards of material from a nearby country side. In some places in the valley as much as 70 feet was required, which had to be compacted into two-foot layers. This job alone took a year to complete. When the miner comes to work at 26 he parks his car and enters the change house which is part of the all brick and tile office building. Each worker has his own private locker. The shop and supply warehouse show another similar construction. These buildings are electrically heated. Division management includes the following: Dave Zegeer, Division Superintendent; B. F. Eads, Division Engineer; H. C. Mercer, Division Inspector; R. L. Blake, Supt. of Maintenance; E. W. Knight, Electrician; and L. G. Mainwaring, Preparation Engineer. The following people head the team at Pike Mine #26 in 1967: W. A. Stapleton, Mine Supt.; O. E. Harris, Assistant Mine Supt.; E. G. Damron, Mine Foreman; S. E. Chandler, Maintenance Foreman; and D. E. Narramore, Plant Foreman.
Jenkins/Pound Road
In the 1922, August edition of The Recorder it is found that the road from Jenkins to Pound is being worked on and The Recorder states that we can now cross the "old Cumberland" at Pound Gap in cars with all ease as they are working rapidly on both sides of the mountain, or at least we have been informed that they are working on the Virginia side. We know they are busy here on the Kentucky side. It will make a fairly good mountain road when completed. Then watch the progress of the whole country.
First and Last Passenger Train to Jenkins
On October 1, 1912, Mr. H. L. Burpo of Jenkins pulled the first passenger train ever to come into Jenkins. On October 31, 1949, 37 years later,c Mr. Burpo pulled out the last passenger train which was the "Old 1046". The one combined coach and express car was a rickety, wooden car. It had a pot-bellied stove and oil lamps. Before good roads were built, it served as the principal means of travel, but travel has dropped off. In January 1912, Mr. Burpo brought the construction train from Cincinnati that was used in constructing the tie to Jenkins, then the B&O. In 1925, the B&O sold out to the C&O. To add to his list of firsts, Mr. Burpo took the train through the tunnel above Jenkins into Pound, Virginia when the route was opened.
TV Comes to Jenkins
The city of Jenkins had TV in 1951. The principal reception in Jenkins was from station WSAZ?TV in Huntington, W. Va., although in the early morning fairly good reception was received from Cincinnati and Columbus.

The story behind the TV into Jenkins is unique in that so far as is known now, this is the only installation of its kind in the state of Kentucky.

Raven Rock was picked as the site for the antenna. This site is about 850 feet higher than the city.

Gonset line was used to connect the antenna. The pathway up the mountain was called "the Gonset Trail". The total length of the line was some three thousand feet. L. D. Siniff did most of the work getting TV into the valley. There was a group of 18 men who decided to put up the money for the system. A part of this volunteer group installed the system. Some of these men were L. D. Siniff, D. C. Duncan, E. P. Auxier, R. C. Minor, Ted Brummit, Dennis Combs, Paul Jesse and Steve Varson.

Last Utility Sold

On June 1, 1951, the Jenkins Telephone system was sold by The Consolidation Coal Company to the Universal Telephone and Telegraph Corporation. Thus, the last remaining utility in the Jenkins area has now been sold. The houses and buildings had all been sold in 1946?48. Towns like Jenkins and McRoberts were built and company-operated not by choice but by necessity.

Thurman Hall Selected as One of the Best Tackles by Courier Journal Poll

In 1963/64. Thurman Hall of Jenkins has been selected as one of the best tackles by the coaches in a poll conducted by the Courier Journal. Hall was rated an equal with the other top four or five tackles in the state. Jerry Conley of Jenkins and Steve Bates of Whitesburg were the other Letcher County stars rated among the best players in the state. Jerry Conley rated as one of the best halfbacks. In the 1964?65 football season the all-state football team was selected. Thurman Hall made honorable mention All-State as a tackle for Jenkins High School. In the 1964 football season the coach of the Cavaliers was Raymond Ricketts and the Community Press states that Jenkins was in for a rebuilding season since they lost UK?bound quarterback Phil Greer and halfback Robert Collins, plus other players from the previous season such as Kenny Blair, Haskew Hayes and Jimmy Elswick.

Link to History of Jenkins Article:   

Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come Web Page and Play information.

Here is an interesting link to Kentucky's Eastern and Western Coal Fields

with pictures and descriptions.

Go to "Expansion" Video

Mother Teresa on her visit to Jenkins.
I had the privilage to spend the day with her at the request of Father Randall to film her visit.
She asked Trey and Barbi if they wanted to go to Calcutta with her.  They were ok with it but Mom
and Dad had to intervene.


Early Construction of Rail and Shops


Oak looking from behind GM House towards Goodwater

Miners waiting to go to work

Jenkins looking down from the top of Wheaton Hollow near Raven Rock

Coal Siding below Jenkins towards Camden

MIne 201---1911

Jenkins 1914

Main Street Jenkins 1920

Company Store and Warehouse on left

Recreation Building and Drug Store on Right



Mine 205

Mine 207 Fire Fighting Equipment


Miners going to work 1937 Pic #1

Miners going to work 1937 Pic #2

Jenkins Coal  1915

No. 108 Mudtown  1918


Jenkins Panorama

Jenkins Prep Plant

May Day 1932

Jenkins Baseball Field



Jenkins Schools approximately 1913-14

View of Sharon Heights Hospital from the city park.  1913-1914

New Ambulance for Sharon Heights Hospital. Man in the center is Ransom Jordan owner of Dodge Dealership in Jenkins.

Jenkins Dairy--Later the Golf Course

Play left side 2 up 1 back and then the right side 3 up to back for 9 holes.

Sometimes became dodge ball with golf balls.

Later a cut was made which let you play starting on the left hollow and

come out on the right hollow


Wide shot of Jenkins taken from Raven Rock




Jenkins/Pound Tunnel  1947-1949               Jenkins/Pound Tunnel 08/12/12


 Old Jenkins Jail

Bad John Wright

General Managers House





Visitors at General Managers House

Kindergarten Class in Burdine



Dunham Store

McRoberts looking at the "Green". Company Store on right.

McRoberts Store and Gas Station

Drug Store Building around 1914


Gas Station in Jenkins

"C.V.Snapp" Home Lakeside around 1914

Mr. Snapp was an educator in Van Lear, KY around 1920 before coming to Jenkins.  Did you know that he served in the Spanish-American War from June 20, 1898 to August 23, 1899,


House beside "C.V Snapp" Home That Was Demolished in 2009.   C.V .Snapp Home Still Stands.





Most Dangerous Profession--Miners Should be Honored and Respected