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•   Gerald Hunt (1961)


•   Gusta Johnson (Mudd) (1963)  6/8
•   Coetta Ratliff (Rose) (1994)  6/8
•   Frank Asbury (1954)  6/9
•   Paul Shane Collins (1992)  6/9
•   Melissa Dawn Newman (Lee) (1985)  6/11
•   Buford David Gilliam (1971)  6/12
•   Margaret Kegan (Shepherd) (1975)  6/13
•   Joshua Triplett (1999)  6/13
•   David Addington (1975)  6/14
•   Fred Back (1960)  6/15
•   Lindsey Dru Page (2002)  6/15
•   Tiflene Spangler (2005)  6/15
•   Chuck Anderson (1984)  6/17
•   Norman Gambill (1958)  6/17
•   Teresa Tucker (Fleming) (1973)  6/17
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Welcome to the Jenkins High Classes Of 1912 - 2020 web site. Please join us for a no cost way to keep in touch with other alumni from the Jenkins Independent School System.

YOU DID NOT HAVE TO GRADUATE FROM JHS TO BE LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE. YOU JUST HAD TO  HAVE ATTENDED SCHOOL AS A CAVALIER. We understand that many of you, especially during the 30's, 40's, and 50's had to leave school to help support their families or to join the military.  If you are in this catagory, or for any reason you did not get to graduate, just list on your request to be added to the site the year that you would have graduated.  You can offer any other information on your profile page that you wish to share.


REUNION               CLASS OF 1970             REUNION

The Jenkins High School Class of 1970

will hold their 50th class reunion this summer on

Friday and Saturday, August 28th and 29th

in the old High School gymnasium/auditorium.

This building is now the Jenkins School Apartments, and the gym is rented out for events. We invite all class members to contact either Linda Pannell Hurley (423) 361-0588 or Gary Tucker at (423) 378-5419 for information. We hope everyone will come and we’re looking forward to seeing all our friends.



Thanks to Dick Blizzard for providing the photo and class members names.

Back Row:  Bobby Cantrell (Poss), Franklin Varson, Virgil Sweeney, Jerry Wetzel, Bill Jordan, Donald Stewart, Bobby Rose, Lawrence Baker,, Raymond Carswell, Jack Alsop, Dickey Blizzard, Thomas Phillips, Bobby Elkins, Mickey Prunty

Second Row from Back: George Varidy, Jonah Anderson, Jackey Brown, Ronnie Swindall, Billy Cleek, Brenda Watson, Patsy Bates, Danola Greer, Irene Bentley, Donald Varson, George Lundy, Hubert Blankenship, Roy Lee Phillips, James P Williams

Third Row:  Mr. C. V. Snapp, Superintendent of Jenkins Schools, Mrs. Yates, Elizabeth Erwin, Margaret Lawson, Patsy Barker, Fanchon Hodges, Peggy Howe Polly, Ruth Anderson, Rachel Meddings, Naomi Hughes, Josephine Stapleton, Ruby Sizemore, Joann Farley, Mr. Wilson

Front Row:  Marietta Crase, Mary Brewer, Phyllis Adams, Audrey Mullins, Doris Greene, Juanita Vanhoose, Nancy Powers, Dorothy Richardson, Vera Mullins, Betty Kegan, Jackie Pack, Rheta Gay Parks, Doris Ann Wojciechowski





Thanks to the Brush Family and the Greer Family for seeing this to completion.





Link to the Jenkins Independent School System Website

Interview with Undertaker George McCoy 

One of the sayings was that the company brought you into the world with the company Dr. (Dr. Perry) and took you out of the world with the company undertaker (George McCoy)

Article about the Clubs and Organizations of Jenkins

Interview with Bad John Wright

Interview with Dr. T.M. Perry

Odds and Ends

The Jenkins Education Foundation

The Jenkins Education Foundation is asking for your help. Since being established to help enhance the experiences of the students of the Jenkins Independent School System, the Foundation has been able to
help provide playground equipment for the Burdine  Elementary building, and fund needed repairs and updates to the sports fields.
The Foundation is incorporated as a non-profit and has taken ownership of the football and baseball field from the Athletic Field Commission, which is no longer in existence.
The Foundation officers are the present elected school board members of the Jenkins Independent Schools and hold their meetings after the regular school board meetings on the fourth Monday of the month. The present members are : Sarah Brown, Chair, Brenda DePriest,Vice Chair, Eileen Sanders, Paulette Sexton and Chris Bentley, 
If you would be interested in helping the Foundation please make your contributions to:
The Jenkins Education Foundation
C/O Sarah Brown, Treasurer
Jenkins Independent Schools
P.O. Box 74
Jenkins, KY 41537