Reunion 1937 to 2000


 JHS REUNION CLASS 1937 -2000 July 25 & 26: 2014

Cost per person: .$38.00

Make check or money order payable to JENKINS HIGH SCHOOL REUNION.

CUT-OFF DATE FOR MAILING CHECKS IS MAY 31,2014. Mail to; Maynard Adams

P. O. Box 804 Fort Lupton, CO 8062l-0804

On July 25th at 2:00 PM, we will have a Buffet in the refurbished gym in the old Jenkins High School. The old high school is now a Senior Apartment Complex.

On July 2601 at 5 :00 PM, we will have a Buffet at the Pine Mountain Grill in Whitesburg, KY.

I have received reservations for 172 people, with 98 people on the pending list. I am getting ready to mail 200 letters to those who haven't contacted me witb e-mails. Part of the 98 people are in the 200 notices that will be mailed. It looks like I will be turning some people away. The checks will determine the total count. First come first served! Your canceled check will be your receipt!

'rhe only way to do it fairly is to give priority (in order received) to those who have made reservations ---if they are filled when the payments arrive, then] will go down the priority Jist in order received. Remember, 250 is the limit. The Grill can only hold that many.

In order for me to fill out the register, please include the names of SPOUSES or HUSBANDS coming, and their CLASS YEAR. THE CUT-OFF DATE IS MAY 31, 2014!!!

My e-mail is Jfyou have Verizon for phone service(which I do) calls are free anytime. If so, call me on my ceU # 303-718-0493. If you do not have Verizon, call me on my land line 303-857-6122. Maynard and Maureen (MO) Adams --I graduated in 1950.

Hotels and Motels in area;


Parkside Inn, HWY 15, Phone 606-633-4441, also has a restaurant.

Whitesburg Motel, 107 Medical Plaza Lane Phone 606-633-8888 (formerly Super 8) SECO, KY

Seeo Company Store, Seco, KY Phone 606-855-7968 Bed & Breakfast 15 rooms.

WISE & NORTON, VA: Best Western, Wise, VA 124 Woodland Dr. Phone 276-328-3500

Free Continental Breakfast Days Inn, Norton, VA 375 Wharton Lane Phone 276-679-5340

The Inn at Norton, Norton. VA 551 HWY 58E Phone 276-679-7000

Super 8 Motel, Norton, VA 425 Wharton Lane Phone 800-800-8000

Holiday Inn, Norton, VA Park Ave. SW Phone 1-276-679-6655 has a dining room.

Hello JHS Grads! The old fogies of the 1950 class are trying to organize a reunion for all classes. The Pine Mountain Grill at Whitesburg, will be the host. Hoping to have a picnic at Fish Pond on the 25th, and dinner at the restaurant on the 26th of July, 2014. The 26th was the only day open in July! The restaurant said they could accommodate 200 people, so we will accept that many people's reservations--in the order they are received. The total cost will be in the neighborhood of $30 to $35 per person. So far, other than the date, nothing is set in stone. I will be posting again in the near future. Stay in contact. My cell# 303-718-0493 Maynard Adams, P.O.Box 804, Fort Lupton, Co 80621

Dear Alumni, the only thing in stone is the date of the dinner at Pine Mountain Grill,Whitesburg, Ky., on the 26th of July. I have talked to John Henry Smith and RoseMary(Brown)Shook and they advised me that the new Senior Apartments will soon be open in the old high school building. The Gym is supposed to be converted into a dining hall and event center. Both of them are going to find out about this and contact me. It would be nice to have the lunchen or picnic there--bring about memories of long ago---why not!
I have also contacted Four Star Catering, they will cater to wherever we choose. So the 25th is still up in the air. The Pine Mtn. Grill also furnishes the same, except we would have to pick it up and do our own serving--we will see what happens. Trying to save as much as possible, yet have a memorable reunion.
It will take time!
My e-mail is and cell 303-718-0493. I need addresses or phone numbers of those who want to attend. When everything is settled, I will notify veryone and post it here.
Remember the Grill said they can only accommodate 200 people. They haven't given me their cut-off date for knowing how many will be there. I hope to give more details later. Maynard Adams

Reunion (Friday July 25 2014)

$38.00 per person