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Deceased Classmate: John Edward Smith (1947)
Date Deceased: May-16-2010
Age at Death: 80
Cause of Death: cancer
Classmate City: Marshallville Classmate State: GA
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: Eddie....(son)..Marshallville, Ga Noll Davis..(Uncle)Dunham, Ky. neices, nephews and cousins

May 16, 2010 During the fall season of 1942 my family moved to the small community of Dunham Kentucky. One of the first people my age (12 years old) that I became acquainted with was the paperboy named John Edward Smith. He delivered the Knoxville News-Sentinel at that time and shortly thereafter he asked if I would like to takeover the paper route, which I did. Little did I know that was the beginning of a 68 year friendship. We made our way through the Jenkins Independent School System from the eighth grade through graduation in 1947 choosing the same classes in most cases. We were FRIENDS who pulled pranks on each other from time to time, had many good laughs with and at each other. We played basketball in the slag filled Dunham school yard during the summer seasons. We skipped school one April Fools afternoon and wound up in Roger L. Wilsons office the next day. The time came to go out into the world on our own. He enlisted in the army and traveled the world during the next 20 years and I married his sister. We always kept in touch since he was now Brother-in -Law as well as friend. After he retired from the military we visited as often as we could and talked by telephone once or twice each week since his Sister (my Wife} passed away some 12 years ago. Still a Friend with a big heart. Today that friendship ended with a telephone call from his son saying his father had died. I’ll miss those calls and e-mail exchanges. GODSPEED DEAR FRIEND James Short

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