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01/14/09 01:37 PM #1    

Durward Narramore, Jr. (1971)

Welcome to the Jenkins High School Classes Of 1912 - 2010 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/01/09 06:49 PM #2    

Allison Chaffins (2001)

Listen to the "EVERSHOW" Tuesday nights at 10p.m. on 88.7fm WMMT or online live at" target="_blank">


Joe Eversole

02/04/09 01:43 PM #3    

Julie Damron (Rose) (1974)

Hi Everyone! I think this website is a really great idea. Duward is doing a fantastic job and thanks for all the hard work to make it happen. I have been forwarding the info to anyone that might be interested.

02/04/09 04:28 PM #4    

Bruce D. Polly (1973)

Durward, great job! It is great to have this site for JHS. Time has taken us to many places but with this we can stay in touch again. Thanks for your work.

02/06/09 07:27 PM #5    

Amber Webb (Woods) (1964)

Thanks so much for doing this site. I have enjoyed reading the things that have been posted. I remember a lot of names that were not in my class and have enjoyed reading their remarks. Please continue passing info about this site around. Maybe we can find a lot of the old group.

02/24/09 05:24 PM #6    

Kristy Griffin (Hall) (1996)

Hello, this is Kristy L Griffin Hall. I would love to hear from anyone who graduated in or around 1996. My email address is listed in the comments box of my profile. This is a great website. Thanks to Durward for all of the work involved. This would be a nice way of keeping in touch with classmates. Have a good day!

03/12/09 09:28 PM #7    

Mitzi Combs (1976)


Fantastic job on the website!! Thank you for all the hard work you've put into it. I'm enjoying checking out fellow classmates, etc. If I can help you with any info, give me a shout.

Class of '76

03/16/09 11:58 PM #8    

Debbie Maggard (Lawson) (1971)

A big thank you to all who participated in getting this site started. I am trying to get the word out to everyone I know. I hope to hear from old friends from class of 71.

03/21/09 09:09 PM #9    

Linda "Winkie" Webb (Back) (1963)

Durward Edward,
I love the site. Lots of interesting stuff. Keep up the good work. Winkie

03/22/09 10:44 AM #10    

Debbie Maggard (Lawson) (1971)

Everyone please keep the Lucas family in your prayers. Jimmy Lucas passed away on Sat., March 21.

04/18/09 01:58 PM #11    

Cora Lea Fleming (Gaither) (1959)

Duward, What a great site. This is a wonderful way for all of us to stay in touch with the people who touched our hearts and lives during our school years. It is so much fun to remember the good times we had together at JHS. Thank you so much for adding this site.

04/19/09 06:47 PM #12    

David Fleming (1971)

Great job. I found out about the website today and have spent a good while looking at profiles and reminiscing.


05/09/09 06:29 PM #13    

Bonnie Webb (Hampton) (1973)

Awesome job with the website. I thank you so much for the timeyou put into this. It's a great way to keep in touch. So many years have passed and we have gone in so many different directions. I would love to hear from any and all fellow classmates. My e-mail address (actually my son's) is
Have a great day and hope to hear from some classmates.
Thanks again,
Bonnie Webb (Hampton)
JHS Class 1973

05/18/09 04:55 PM #14    

Sharon Cantrell (Hardesty) (1964)

Durward, I am class of 64. I was checking out the teacher profiles and some are not there that I remember. I do not know anything about these teachers, just names, like Mrs. Hale, I had her in 8th grade, and Mr. Dunn, I had him for science as a freshman, and there is old Mrs. Abbott, I had her in second grade, she lived on main st. And then I did not see Mrs. Sparks on there. See if you can get some info on these. Sharon Cantrell (Hardesty)

07/29/09 02:31 PM #15    

Angelia Baker (Holbrook) (1988)

durward this is a great site i really enjoy it...... i am writing 2 c if anyone out there is interested in a class of 88 reunion we have have never had one and its long over due!!!!!!!!! if any class of 88 people are interested then please respond soon thanks angie (baker) holbrook........

07/29/09 07:42 PM #16    

Elizabeth Johnson (Gibson) (1982)

Does anyone have 1982 yearbook they would add to this site? That would be nice to see!

08/08/09 11:04 PM #17    

Jerry Hall (1986)

Does anyone have a 83, 84, and 85 yearbook they would want to sell.

08/16/09 05:18 PM #18    

Patricia Kilgore (Stanley) (1972)

Thanks to all whom have worked on this. I have wondered over the years about so many people. I enjoyed my years at Jenkins High School so much and have so many fond memories. I hope to here from our classmates

08/16/09 11:13 PM #19    

Kenneth (Chuck) Charles (1957)

does any one have a 56 57 year book i thought it was on here but havent been able to dounload it.can some one help??
ken (chuck) charles
effingham ill

09/01/09 12:40 PM #20    

Charles Elkins (1958)

durward you have really impacted the JHS grads with an easy way to connect, catch up, or just browse the great info from everyone.

thanks and cudos to you for all the effort.

charles elkins, class of '58

09/09/09 12:32 PM #21    

Norman Gambill (1958)

Duward. Great site. Thanks for your hard work.

Norman Gambill
Class of 58

09/29/09 12:12 AM #22    

Janice Morgan (Moore) (1965)

Great job! This site has connected so many friends that have been lost to each other for years.

I was wondering where are all the yearbooks? There are not that many that has been put on...I'm sure there are more out there somewhere...I'm looking for my 1965 one.

Let's all spread the word about this site and get re-connected...

Janice Morgan (Moore) '65

10/10/09 10:39 PM #23    

Linda "Winkie" Webb (Back) (1963)

Durward, I noticed that two of our classmates who are deceased are not listed. Edna "Punky" Harris and Faye Blevins. I believe Punky was in the 1964 class and Faye in the 1962 class. Thank you for making this a great place to connect with our friends.

12/15/09 12:00 PM #24    

Kirby White (1985)

hi all ... looking too hear from any classmates ,,,,,1981-85

12/30/09 04:25 PM #25    

Gary Wright (1961)


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